Bigwave media specialises in search advertising and works with clients all over the UK, from Cornwall to Inverclyde.

In a nutshell, paid search advertising is a type of PPC which puts text ads at the top of the search engine, whether that be Google or Bing. The user inputs a search query, for example: “vegan restaurants near me,” “group exercise classes near me,” or even “second hand jumping saddles.” Then our relevant and strategically placed ads can be shown to them and they can click through to the relevant website.

We have vast expertise in industries such as leisure, tourism, hospitality, finance, medical, law,  automotive, and more.

What is search advertising and why do you need it?

In digital marketing, there are many acronyms. Just take SEO, PPC, CPC, CPA, and CTR! But we try and keep things simple for our clients.

So, never fear, our experts are here to demystify everything ‘PPC’. When the potential perfect customer searches for your product or service and finds you at the top of Google, you’re in a great position to get them to your website to learn more. Our team of qualified SEM specialists will ensure your ads are:

  1. Relevant for the user by creating personas to match your audience. Personas ensure ads match the tone the user is looking for.
  2. Informative and useful to ensure the user has intent in the service. We include lots of information such as prices and service catalogues to ensure the right users will click. This reduces costs and increases your chance of conversions.
  3. Visual! That’s right, text ads CAN be visual, and with the right copy, your ads will stand out to your audience

By creating clickable ads with tailored keywords which match the intent of the user, our clients benefit from lower cost traffic and higher position on Google.

How much should I spend on Search PPC?

Google search works on a pay per click basis; therefore, you should consider the following when deciding on a budget. Firstly, the CPC (cost per click) depends on many contributing factors such as competition, quality scores, bidding strategy, and ad position. When deciding a budget think about the following:

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount you would be prepared to pay to have a relevant user sent to your website? Once you know this and the number of potential clicks for your keywords, you can work out the forecasted budget to have 100% of the impression share.
  • Does your website convert users well? For example, is it mobile responsive, fast, and informative and does it have prominent call to actions? As you are paying for traffic, this is highly important! Would you buy from a shop if all the products were mixed up, products were missing descriptions, and there were no price labels?
  • How much revenue does each sale bring in and how much would you pay for one customer? Ensure you cover overheads as part of this calculation.

How quickly will I see results?

The benefit of PPC is that you gain instant traffic! However, fine tuning the keywords and ads can take a few months. We normally advise clients that they should see visible increases in enquiries by the mid to end of month one and that the campaign cost per enquiry should be close to optimum by month three.

How much does search campaign management cost?

Our paid media management fee depends on the level of spend and how m any hours of work per month is needed to achieve the best return on ad spend for our clients. Therefore, our packages range from only £150, depending on your monthly budget and desired results.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]